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Who is Cody?

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Who is Cody? Empty Who is Cody?

Post by Guest on Wed Jun 05, 2013 5:33 pm

Hello everyone! My name is Cody, or Code as a short reference of myself. I'm a female Guard of the Blue Eclipse pack and am enjoying the pack greatly (:
I found this pack on WolfQuest and joined from there.

My real name is Kelsey

I'm a semi-literate to a literate role player. Almost describing every inch of detail as I please to do so.
I am part of other large or small wolf packs throughout forumotion and enjoy playing with anyone I meet from there.
Come by and send me a PM anytime you wish ^-^
As I did say before I do have a WolfQuest account and my main account on there is SpecialK42293.
I also have a deviantART, SpecialK42293.
There are a few other sites too....Chicken Smoothie and...Transformice and Lioden. Feel free to message me again if you're a member of any of these provided sites too.

My favorite colors are shades of green, blue and purple. Solid colors of black, white or plain old gray.
I love all types of animals, I do not dislike any breed whatsoever.
I don't like to draw as much, but I do love to take photography as a little hobby of mine ^-^ From animals to landscapes and waterscapes.
This is just a few things of what I like and like to do. So glad you viewed this and thanks!

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