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Guest Guide around the pack Empty Guest Guide around the pack

Post by Artisa on Wed Jun 12, 2013 5:26 am

What are we?
We are semi-literate to literate and semi-realastic wolf pack community. BEP has unique story and good RP plot. It's new and it's based molstly on the online website role play. Althrough we are friendly role play community with big ideas for future. We go hight for our goals. Yoy won't get bored in the role play, at mouth or one we have role play events. Also having non-pack realated role plays.

What's the plot?
The plot is semi-realastic, wich makes it interesting and fun. BEP is the only wolves with their special powers to call a blue eclipse. They shall use it for good like hunting, fighting rivals, healing. They live molstly in dark and peaceful places, but they don't matter to fight rivals when it needs.

Literate and realastics?
As it sayd here we are semi-literate to literate and semi-realastic. Althrough you have to be as much as literate you can. Literacy is important to us, we want to become an full literate pack, so the much members are literate the pack is also. For the realism, not including our plot you can't use magic or power items. Althorugh there might be events where it is allowed but only in contests. Minimum 130 words per a role play posts. It may get higther, if the members become more literate.

Friendly and safe is it?
BEP is friendly role play community. For the safety, it is totally safe and it's hold on by the staff community. As you can fully trust us for your safety here.

Why do you chose us?
Simply here everyone is friendly and safe community. We have interesting plot and lots of fun contests and events. In contest you can win good prizes and goodies. Role play fun and interest is our main goal, wich with the help of our loyal members it is reached easily.

Who are the staff here?

Head admin and Creator: Zatala
Co-Admin: BlueMoon
Mods: hungergames102

Extra stuff:
BEP can have an actual game role play in games like WolfQuest and FeralHeart. Has an staff e-mail for questions and answers. dA group soon to be made.

Updates and Activitys:
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Chracter Name: Zatala
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