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Wolf Quest Thread- UPDATED!

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Wolf Quest Thread- UPDATED! Empty Wolf Quest Thread- UPDATED!

Post by Artisa on Sat May 25, 2013 5:58 am

Here is the new pack thread. The old one was kinda not good looking and i asked a mod to lock it: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Welcome to,
~Bĺûê Ēċĺîpšê Päçķ~

Hello, there i'm Zatala, leader and creator of the pack. Let me introduce you to it. We are a pack leaving in the shadows of the blue eclipse.
We can cause an eclipse in fight with oponents. This power is only used for good. Alone wolf can't cause it but together in a group of 5 or 4 wolves they can call the power of the eclipse. The wolves who use this power for eveil will be banned and cursed forever to travel around packs, but not join them. The strongest survived here.
Zatala was still a young wolf, left her own pack when she got under a blue eclipse. She was given a powers to call the eclipse in troubles. Zatala traveled long till she found the perfect terrain to raise a pack. She calls you stranger join us.


Pack Stats:

Members: 9
Pack Moto: Past might show you the future...
Pack Song: To be chosen
Pack Website: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
Pack E-mail: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
dA Group: None
Pack Signature:
▫▪▫▪▫▪▫▪▫▪▫▪▫▪▫▪ Bĺûê Ēċĺîpšê Päçķ ▫▪▫▪▫▪▫▪▫▪▫▪▫▪▫▪
   թasт мighт ѕhoω ყoϋ тhε ƒuтuяε
   Јoﻨn ϋs Ťo∂aყ!
   [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

[center][color=#FFFFFF]▫▪▫▪▫▪[/color][color=#00FFFF]▫▪▫▪▫▪[/color][color=#FFFFFF]▫▪▫▪[/color] [color=#0040FF]Bĺûê[/color] [color=#0000FF]Ēċĺîpšê[/color] [color=#0040FF]Päçķ[/color] [color=#FFFFFF]▫▪▫▪[/color][color=#00FFFF]▫▪▫▪▫▪▫[/color][color=#FFFFFF]▪▫▪▫▪[/color]
    [color=#0040FF]թasт[/color] [color=#FFFFFF]мighт[/color] [color=#FFFFFF]ѕhoω ყoϋ тhε[/color] [color=#0040FF]ƒuтuяε[/color]
    [color=#0080FF]Јoﻨn[/color] [color=#00BFFF]ϋs[/color] [color=#00FFFF]Ťo∂aყ![/color]

Signature is (c) Cody.
PMOFTM (Pack Member Of The Mouth):hungergames102
Pack Friends: (Note: Pack Friends don't count as members)
Newest member: Crow
Role Play Server: Enable
Pack Colors:


ήews and άήήoucements:

July is Mouth of the creator for our pack. So let your creative fly. Expect much contest in this mouth.

A new forum has opened called Guest Role Play. It's totally free and without registrations you can role play with the normal pack member as a guest! To see more info come at this link:[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]  

New badge system for special users.

Updates on the forum has been made. Durring this mouth expect more.

We are starting to be fill literate. The minimum words in the role play posts are 130.

~Hεlpful Links~

! [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] - Helpful information before you join.

! [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]- The Joining Froms, if you are a COPPA user you may go to this link and post the form. Normal members of WQ can post the form below and wait for acceptance.

Other ιηφοrmατιοη

Register on the site:
It's required to register as we are forum role play community. But please keep the activity on hight level and don't go inactive. EFA can be requested on this link:
[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] If you go inactive withour EFA you may get a warning three warnings and your banned.

Bio and acceptance:
We currently don't have a bio structure, when you register you need to post your bio. Inactive member's bios will be put in bio archives. First your bio shuod be accepted by and Alpha or Secondary, then you may start the role play at the main den.

Pack Rules

ΩBe respectful to any rank no matter lower or highter.
ΩDo not chalenge the Alpha you will get warning or be banned.
ΩRank changes only with the agreement of the Alpha.
ΩNo fighting or rude behaivior.
ΩRespect everyone who post here.
ΩPlease be patiet and respondsible member.
ΩStay active on the thread.
ΩHave fun and enjoy!!!!
ΩNo magic and wings this could only be allowed in events.
ΩPlease not go inactive with out posting on the EfA applications or you will get a warning.
ΩPlease be active and respectful member.
ΩNo SPAMS on forums.
ΩDo not double post here it will be considored as a SPAM
ΩDo not post at same time in Forum Games or others only because you have to get enough post or points.

Pack Symbols

- Male
EFA- Excused for Adsence
Ω- Pack Symbol
(%)- Dominat's Trust percent
- Active
- Semi-Active
- Inactive
۞- Leader of Current Rank

The Ranks:

Alpha's are the leaders of the pack, they are the highest rank. The most redpected and the most important rank. These wolves run the pack and dominant under all above. Also the admins of the forum, any questions you can pm them. Alpha's role is very important.
Zatala || (WinterRose33) || || ||(100%)
BlueMoon || (Tamotsu) || || || (100%)

Secondarys are the Betas of the pack, the second hight rank also second hight repsected wolves in the pack. They look after the pack when the Alpha's can't. They have big responcebility on their backs who should carry till they are this rank. Althrough they have helpers the Deltas. They have all premissions to lead the pack when it's need and to communicate with other packs.

Solstice || (hungergames102) || || || (90%)

-Slots open and accepting-


The Deltas are helpers of the Secondarys. They will backup them if there is a problem. They also are the watchers of the pack, they go hight points to view the pack and report anything wrong hapeing. They must report it to an Alpha or Secondary.

-Slots open and accepting-

The hunters of the pack, their job is very important at the point of the survival of the pack. They 'feed' the pack and make sure it doesn't starve. For this rank is required to be healty, fast and strong wolf to catch the fast prey. It's very respected rank even through it isn't such dominant.

-Slots open and accepting-

Shaman's know about the blue eclipse and they only can help to cause it. As for normal members they can only cause a small part of it. Very inteligent wolves who help the healers with herbs and heal wounded with their abilitys. This rank is much respected.

-Slots open and accepting-

They protect the pack from enemys or predators. The rank requires the wolves to be strong, big and have fighting skills. Warriors can be often chalanged by the yearlings to train their skills. This rank contains the more aggressive and heandome wolves in the pack.  

-Slots open and accepting-

The guards of the pack. They guard the Alpah's and Secondarys's when they pass through unknown territorys. They can also help the warriors in fights with the rivals. The rank requires the wolves to be loyal to the Alpha's and Secondarys and have fighting skills.

-Slots open and accepting-

The Healers heal wounded, infected or hurted wolves. They can get help from the Shaman's through. Very important is their knowlege about the herbs and their usage for different hurts and pains. They know the herbs as no other wolves and know how they smell and look.

Katara || (N/A) || || || (0%)

-Slots open and accepting-

Trackers head the hunters to the prey and track scents of animals or rivals. Normaly an calm and skilled tracking wolves are at this rank.

-Slots open and accepting-

They take the risk for the pack. They find new territory, explore outlands. Those wolves are usually brave, interested of exploring and good runners. They are always exploring finding new lands and reporting to the Alphas or Secondarys.

-Slots open and accepting-


The 1 year old wolves will be put in this rank till they grow up and make their way through the pack hirerchary. This age is very important for the improvment of the young wolves in their future ranks.

Cricket || (natsmycat) || || || (25%)

-Slots open and accepting-

Newborns or pups under 1 year old are put in this rank. They need to grow and become Yerlings to be traned for their future rank. The Mother Queens take care of them and keep them safe. They often stay at the den where it's safe and guarded.

-Slots open and accepting-

Lowest Dominats:

Mother Queen
The pregnant, mother or babysiters female wolves are at this rank. As if an female wolf that has other rank goes pregnat or become a young mother is put here. She will be guarded and she will stay at the den. The babysiters have this rank till they want to change it, they keep the Alpha's pups in safety or take care of them if Alphas can't.

-Slots open and accepting-

The lowest rank in the pack. They are pack helpers they help guard the den or the help the Mother Queens with the pups. Here wolves who can't hunt or fight or do something to give them a rank are put here. Althroughit's an important rank. The inactive people are put here till they prove activity.

Ciro || (Running_words) || || || (14%)

-Slots open and accepting-

The new pack members who just arrived in the pack. They have to rpove activity and active role playing to be accepted in their wanted ranks. Usually it takes a week in this rank. If newcomers don't prove activity they stay in this rank till the Alpha decides to ban or remove them.

Akiki || (Jiruku) || || || (1%)
Akemi || (N/A)|| || || (0%)
Crow || (N/A)|| || || (7%)

-Slots always open and accepting-


The thread is (c) WinterRose33 and the pack ideas also. Please don'y steal ideas with out our premissions or you will be reported in forumotion mods or WQ mods. Thanks.


Joining forms

Full Members
Character Name:
Chracter Gender:
Wolf Quest Username:
Markings or scars:
Character Age:
Character Personality:
Decribtion of character:
Wanted Rank:
Second wanted rank:
Activity level (1 to 10):

Pack Friend Form
Character Name:
Character Gender:
Character Age:
Why would you like to join BEP(Blue Eclipse Pack) as a friend?:

Allies/Rivals Form
Pack Leader:
Pack Website:
Allie or Rival?:


-Slots open and accepting-

Брой мнения : 211
Join date : 2013-05-22

Character Info
Chracter Name: Zatala
Location in RP: The Waterfalls
Character Age: 3 years old

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