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Role Play Guide and rules

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Role Play Guide and rules Empty Role Play Guide and rules

Post by Artisa on Thu May 23, 2013 12:42 pm

Ok at first before you start to role play you need to post your bio in character's bio section so everyone can know about your character. Second you can't just start role playing with the pack you need to write how did you find the pack and i shall accept you in the role play. You can't practicate your rank yet, remember your a newcomer. When you prove your active in the role play and the site you will earn your wanted rank.

1. We are semi-literate so you may chose how long to be your post. It's requmended to be longer.

2. Write in past tense

3. Be loyal to the role play please, you might miss some role play events. But you can't role play as normal only cause you didn't know for the event. You have to read others posts and follow the event till you decide your enought redy to role play with others.

4. Powerplaying isn't allowed. It's a semi-realastci pack, and yes eclipses are allowed byt remember you can't cause it you can call it.

5. Don't double post, if you need to edit something use the edit button.

6.God-moding isn't allowed. You can't be imortal or don't have wounds after a fight. This isn't realastic.

7. Don't take role play dramas as real. You play as your character and that means you shuoldn't be amused from it.

The mods will check strictly if those rules are taken curously. But if you see user/s breaking those rules feel free to report them on the mods and admins. Please don't hide those users, if you hide you may get warning because you didn't report it. Even if it's a friend you need to report fro breaking the rules.

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