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Post by Artisa on Wed May 22, 2013 2:48 pm

~Forum Rules~
1.1 Any kind of spaming is not tolerated(double posting, smilies spam, usless posts ect.) here. If you don't follow this rule you will be warned to stop.

1.2 Listen to the staff. Please don't ignore warnings from staff, they know if you did something wrong and are in their right to warn you. Neutral 
1.3 Respect everyone of the forum, no matter the rank age or any other reasons. We are all equal to the laws here.
1.4 Please don't share personal information. Staffs job is to keep safe your IP and other personal information, but we are not responcible if you share personal information to unknown people and they do something to you. We can only warn or ban the person from the website. Be careful whom you share information! It's likely you don't hare any information that might be used against you here.
1.5 No threads for complaning, sexual disccussion or religion disscusions. These threads will be removed imidietly and the person-warned. We are friendly rp webite so keep it friendly please. Very Happy 
1.6 Do not pretend you are a staff member. This is really silly, because everyone can see your not on the usergroups. So instead of giving out warning you are not sopposed to, you can inform the staff. Alo if you ee omeone breaking the rules contact staff.
1.7 Art works, writings and other creation posted here are (c) their owners. Please don't publish them on other websites without the owners premissions. If you see someone stealling art or creations, please contact the staff. Don't try to give warnings your self, staff with take care of it.
1.6 Stealling ideas and things from here will not be tolerated. Causes permanent ban.
1.7HAVE FUN!!! Very Happy
1.8 Activity is a rule! Please be active (posting, being in the last 24 hours list)

~Role Play Rules~
2.1 Be realistic in your role play. That means you can't do things that in-reallife wolves can't do.
2.2 Magical items are not allowed. However you can use simple items like feathers, bones, necklaces(be as realistic as can) etc.
2.3 We accpet mostly all species of wolves for more info check here: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
2.4 Neon markings are not allowed. However you can use markings on your character and most of the colors are accepted (yellow, brown, black, white, gray, red, green)
2.5 You can't change characters or create new ones without Alpha's premisions.
2.6 Mates and pups are only allowed when it's given Alpha or Beta's premissions. The ceremony will be done at the ceremony place in the rp.
2.7 Only english posts! We are english speaking rp forum.
2.8 Have at least 130 words in a post. But please don't fill the post with usless sentances only to make your post longer. Use your imagination and describing skills.
2.9 Please don't rp other people. I know that someone might leave durring a rp hunt and you want to continue, but you need to rp only your/s character/s.]
2.10 No godmodding or powerplaying. You can't always succes inb your hunts. You can't take down a bison alone (talking about an adult bison), and you can't kill it without being hurted.
2.11 Killing a character or making it die only with the premisions of the Alpha or Beta.
2.12 You must most a bio after joining. There is a current section for it. Please be more detailed not just name, gender, history. There is no bio form for now so use your imagination.
2.13 Do not chalange the Alphas.

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