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Skelic Alenteria

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Skelic Alenteria  Empty Skelic Alenteria

Post by Skelic on Sun Mar 09, 2014 8:21 am

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"Careful, careful,

name: Skelic
gender: male
age: four years
breed: timber wolf

"Choose wisely,

eye color: one eye is a light brown hue and the other a darker brown.
coat color/pattern: his coat pattern is of the typical timber.
structure: bulky, very well muscled.
extra appearance: a scar running down his left side, deeply embedded. 

"Because the killswitch is broken,

personality: Aloof, crazy and just plain cold is Skelic. A brute that actually is a monster. He will strike in the night; kill all happiness in anyone who falls in his clutches. Though his appearance is quite, alluring actually, he is not the kind of wolf a female would like to love. Skelic is a Casanova, an insane one at that. He will go to all extremes to kill his target, obeying every rule of his sovereign master. Skelic, is, and will always be, that crazy man you never wanted to meet. His every word, every movement, every swift sweet-talk he performs, is of the ability of no other. Or so it seems to the one he has just met. He will easily, and without remorse, breaks every lass’ heart he comes across; forcing them into a state of denial. Eternally Skelic, is a psychopath Casanova crossbreed with the ability to develop his persona to fit what anybody desires.
favors: Skelic is a fan of the darkness and taunting women, playing his games and ruining souls, killing.
dislikes: This brute is not a fair fan of hunting game.

"and the last thing I'd want to do for you is save you, my pretty."

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Skelic Alenteria  Empty Re: Skelic Alenteria

Post by lupin44 on Sat Mar 15, 2014 3:26 pm

Hello, I'm Lupin. You sound a bit scary for a friend, but if you have any kindness in your heart, please let me be friends with you. I'm alone as a female pup with no parents. my fur is black, i have bright blue eyes, and I'm very sad. please help


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